Early Years Pupil Premium Funding 2016-2017

  •  Amount devolved £9,667.20

  • Lambeth gap at end of EYFS 12% 2016 (2015-20%)

  • Effra gap 6.5% 2016 (14% 2015)


Activity Cost Rationale Expected impact
Communication and Language

·      Small groups

·      Individual


£6,000 Children whose on entry C and L scores are below age related expectations and those who have identified needs requiring SAL support, for example, children with or moving through an ASD diagnosis


A higher proportion of children attain age related expectations in C and L than indicated by baseline data.
Educational local visits



£800.00 Enrichment experiences for target eligible children to access places of interest via minibus.


Speaking and listening skills developed, along with Understanding of the World.
Gardening for wellbeing



£520 Research has shown that children and adults who struggle with anxiety and mental health issues benefit from accessing outside natural areas and gardening. Eligible children we feel would benefit for additional opportunities will access this gardening group to secure and support their emotional wellbeing and have a positive impact on their ability to reach their potential


Eligible children will be in a better emotional place to learn and their data will reflect accelerated progress from their personal starting point and will attain at their maximised potential.
Wellbeing and Involvement- A process oriented monitoring system for early years





To support eligible children to accelerated progress and attain to their potential through monitoring and adjusting the provision to maximise wellbeing and involvement Eligible children have been well supported to be secure in their learning and to engage with high levels of involvement. This reflects as their wellbeing being scored highly too leading to rapid and sustained progress over the year


Music Therapy



£400- additional funding proposed through bid to Walcott Foundation to accesses 22 sessions for children and families

£250 for replacement CD/docking station to support music delivery


Those children who are EYPP eligible and have needs relating SEND, wellbeing and mental health access tailored therapy sessions to support their development and learning Attitudes to learning highly positive with observations showing children concentrate well and show high levels of interest and engagement
Book share scheme



£1,200 for the purchase of books To ensure eligible children have access to books at home and to involve parents in children’s literacy development. Children identified through home visits and baseline data. Children enjoy stories and will often choose to settle in the book corner sharing books with adults and with peers. Outcomes for eligible children in reading show rapid and sustained progress